Welcome to the website of Ghislaine Kruse-van Erp. Through the technique of hand tufting, Ghislaine makes original rugs and wall hangings in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and pile heights. All rugs are One-of-a-kind and specially made to order.

Ghislaine grew up in the Netherlands. Born to a textile art teacher she started learning the fundamentals of textile art at a very young age. All her life she has been exposed to textiles and all the different things you can do with them, from sewing to knitting to weaving, batik, appliqué, quilt etc. After basic schooling she chose to go to art school, but not the direction of textiles much to the disappointment of her mother. Since life takes strange turns she did end up working in the Dutch Textiles Museum in Tilburg (NL) and that is where she learned the technique of hand tufting, she absolutely fell in love with the technique.

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